Bude Partnership

Vision for Bude Stratton and the Surrounding Parishes

To increase the prosperity of the Bude area, improving the quality of life while maintaining and enhancing the area's natural heritage and Cornish culture; ensuring that the area remains an attractive place in which to live and work.

In June 2008 we published our strategic plan. It is available electronically from this website or in printed forms.

If you would like us to send you a printed version of the full plan, or the summary which details all our objectives, please let us know and ensure we have a postal address.

Market & Coastal Towns Initiative (up-dated 7th July 2008)

Until the end of June 2008, the Bude Partnership was part of MCTi,(Market and Coastal Towns Initiative) a community strategic planning initiative. At the end of June we published our Strategic Plan and our relationship with the MCTi ended. We are now responsible for implementing our plan and have set up various theme groups to work with our (large number of) partners and ensure that the objectives in the plan get implemented.

What does this mean for Bude?

The plan is the result of our public consultation: we asked the people who live and work in Bude to tell us what would make a difference to their lives. 'If you could make changes in Bude and the surrounding parishes, what would they be?' The plan reflects what was said to us. We really intend to work over the next few years (it is a 25year plan!) to ensure that Bude is improved... Our long term vision is show above.

We still need your help and ideas. Bude now needs to work together to implement its own 'whole town plan'. We will also continue to seek funding to make our plans a realit - and we continue to look for new ideas and comments. This is where you come in!

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The Bude Strategic Plan 2008-2033 - A Vision for Bude-Stratton & Surrounding Parishes and all of it's contents is under the sole ownership and copyright of Bude Partnership Cornwall Ltd (Registered Office 38 Queen Street, Bude. EX23 8BB) and cannot be used in any context without the express written permission of the above.

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